emtjets free charter marketplace welcomes 21 new operators & 14 Brokers!

undefinedEMTJETS Search Engine offers direct access to over 1,600 Aircraft Companies and over 4,000+ Private Aircraft, Airliners and Cargo Planes worldwide. Emtjets has revolutionised the Jet Charter industry by offering a Global Marketplace for Brokers and Aircraft Operators to sell their Charter Flights and Empty Legs for Free. Emtjets provides a gateway for Aircraft Brokers and Individuals Worldwide to gain direct access to Operators, on our instant pricing and availability website for free. Free Account!

Emtjets welcomes 21 New Aircraft Companies to its 1,600 Global charter Network:

Delta AirElite Business Jets, Bell Aviation, Infinity Jets, Benetar, Exchequer Leasing, Universal Jet Aviation, Freebird Airlines, Quantum Air, Aerovision, Aviators India PVT, Pentastar Aviation Charter, Phenix Aviation, Asheville Jet Charter & Mgmt, Global Aviation, S.C Carpatair, IMD Airways, Image Air Charter, Fly Blue Line, Delta AeroTaxi, Fly Blink, ACP Jets and Medel Air.

Emtjets welcomes 14 Brokers to its Global Network:

Vipelement, Jets365, Le Bas International, Air Charter Service, Questar Jets, Jetworksz Card, Star-Flight Aviation, Jet Solutions, The Charter Company, Jetstreamintl, Columbus Chartering, Airrep, ACP Jets and World Class Charter.



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emtjets leading search engine provides direct access to over 4,000 aircraft worldwide!

Emtjets Instant Quotation System immediately sends your requests directly to the Aircraft operator within seconds.

Charter Quote:

Emtjets Instant Quote Search Engine has over 1600+ Aircraft Companies and 4,000+ Aircraft registered around the world, offering an additional Marketplace for Brokers and Individuals to access the most competitive prices throughout the industry. Read More


Empty Legs:

Emtjets displays 100’s of Empty Legs every day and provides access to a Search facility, allowing you to send a request for your Empty Leg to 1,600 Aircraft Operators Worldwide. Emtjets offers 1000’s of Customers Worldwide with a gateway to more competitive quotes. Read More


Air Cargo:

Emtjets is a global leader in the International Air Cargo market. We have the resources and the technology to offer the best online quotes throughout the Air Cargo industry. Read More

Aircraft Sales:

If you are looking for the most comprehensive Aircraft sales directory available for buying and selling aircraft, then Emtjets is the place. Read More

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