Emtjets believes in making a difference, by planting a tree for every flight taken.This helps offset against CO2 omissions expelled by aircraft each year. Due to the nature of the aviation business, Emtjets feels its our obligation to make a small but yet an effective difference against Global Warming.

Emtjets specialises in Empty Legs, which we like to refer to as “EMT LEGS”. The empty leg is born when the original jet charter is booked as a one-way flight and must then return to base empty. These empty return flights are referred to as Empty Legs.
Emtjets understands the importance of keeping the CO2 omissions down and in order for us to achieve this we had to focus primarily on filling these empty Aircraft. In doing so we reduced the demand for new flights and in turn lowered the CO2 omissions.

Treeflights plant trees to help withdraw carbon from the atmosphere. Treeflights mostly plant for those who fly, to try and replace consumed resources.

When individuals fly for business travel or family holidays in an Aircraft, it consumes a large amount of aviation fuel. In a few hours we each burn up hundreds of litres of a non- renewable resources. Planting a tree, on the other hand, is an ecologically constructive thing to do and helps us offset against the CO2 omissions produced by Aircraft and other industries also effecting the CO2 levels.

We here at Emtjets encourage Treeflights and others to    support the biodiversity, by planting trees   wherever they  can and in doing so helping provide the most natural source  of air purifiers for our world.

Emtjets providing a Greener way to travel without it costing  the earth.


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