Emtjets/Jetscorp have expanded and increased their worldwide database to 1,600 Aircraft Operators, 5,000 Airports and 4,000 Aircraft for Charter, Leasing and Sales.

Emtjets, now Global Jets Corporation (Jetscorp), provides real-time pricing and availability for flights worldwide. Jetscorp eliminates the time-consuming task of contacting several companies for the cheapest quote.  With one click of a button, Jetscorp searches its database worldwide and instantly delivers quotations for Aircraft Sales, Leasing and Charter flights. This provides the clients with significant savings every time.

The available Jetscorp fleet includes light, midsize, and large cabin jets for 4 to 18 passengers; there are also larger aircraft to accommodate 150 to 350 passengers. Jetscorp clients will be able to choose from regional travel on King Air turbo prop aircraft, inter-European luxury on the Citation Bravo or Learjet 45, a cross-continent trip on the intimate Hawker 900XP or a slightly larger Global XRS and Gulfstream 550.  If the client were looking for something a little more stylish and comfortable on a long-haul flight, an Airbus VIP or Boeing Business Jet would also be made available.

These are just a few of the choices provided Jetscorp’s vast Aircraft Network database that includes a wealth of information regarding instant prices and availability of aircraft operators throughout the industry.  Jetscorp’s dedicated accounts management team work closely with customers to select the perfect aircraft for their unique requirements.

Emtjets Global Founder and CEO Adrian Twibill, nephew of Multi-Millionaire and Famous Philanthropist Sir John Madejski OBE DL, commented on the partnership saying: “Emtjets and Global Jets Corporation (Jetscorp) merger is going to allow both companies to provide a more cost-effective solution than any other.  With increased aircraft options and availability worldwide, we’re offering our clients a competitive, discreet and unprecedented level of service that is paramount to who we are and what we represent.”

To see a just a few examples of Emtjets/Jetscorp’s clients who they have assisted over the years, please see testimonials link: http://www.jets-corp.com/testimonial.php

When CharterX (Now acquired by Avinode) approached Emtjets for a partnership in 2010, they could see their undeniable eye for quality and service. Their partnership provided an excellent extended network of aircraft and operators around the globe. The merger between Emtjets and Jetscorp will allow aircraft operators worldwide to gain direct access to suitable clients and in turn enable customers to obtain the most competitive quotations in the industry.

Due to Jetscorp’s unique position in the industry, they do not require a sign-up fee from aircraft operators or brokers; meaning this is a ‘free’ service. Jetscorp’s database is updated every minute of the day.  On average 5-7 aircraft operators and brokers are registering with Jetscorp every week, expanding their Aircraft network worldwide.

In addition to Charter services, Jetscorp offers a vast database of Aircraft Sales and Leasing options. Many companies and clients are utilizing their database and their consulting and valuation services to sell, buy or lease their aircraft.  Many of them also use Jetcorp’s resources as a research & business development tool and to keep up to date with industry developments.

Website: www.jets-corp.com

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