thirty two air charter companies join Emtjets global quotation system

Emtjets, the Largest private Aircraft Search Engine for cheaper Quotes Worldwide! Emtjets offers a new cost effective way of obtaining future Quotes for all Air Charter customers around the Globe.

Travel In LuxuryEmtjets Ltd has revolutionised the Jet Charter industry, by offering the first Online auction marketplace, for Aircraft companies to competitively out bid each other for the customers flights, resulting in significant savings and increased Aircraft options for Air travelers Worldwide. Emtjets offers a gateway for Aircraft Brokers and Individuals Worldwide to gain direct access to Aircraft Operators, through our instant pricing and availability website for Free. Book Your Ticket Here!

Emtjets welcomes 32 Aircraft Companies to its Global Network: Prestige Jet, Cloud Nine Aviation, Bannert Air, A-Jet Aviation & Aircraft Management, Linxair Business Airlines, Erben Air, Eurojet, Swift Air, Businessair Vienna, Jet Aviation (Agent for New World Jet Corporation), Hangar 8, Highland Airways, Worldwide Jet Charter, Business Aviation Center JSC, Private Jet Charters, Mayoral Executive Jets, Regional Air Express, Silverhawk Aviation Inc, Fly Trol, Bluestream Aviation , Executive Airlines, BKS Air, Marshall Executive Aviation, Air Hamburg, 247 jet Ltd, Starair Ltd, Air Partner Private Jets, Gama Group Aviation, London Executive Aviation, Imperial sky group, Unijet, Flymustang.

Travel In LuxuryEmtjets has over 1,600+ Aircraft Operators registered around the world and still growing, providing an additional Marketplace for Charter Professionals and Aircraft Operators to buy and sell Charter flights for free.

Emtjets’ projects a positive yet hesitant growth characteristics for the future Air Charter market. World Air Charter traffic grew 15 percent in 2005 year over year, only to slow markedly in late 2007, with this pattern continuing through to 2008. Despite this slowdown, world traffic levels have expanded and Emtjets Online Charter Marketplace is still on the increase. In the current market, Emtjets eliminates the added pressure for all of its clients. “We provide an alternative, quick response systems, with cost effective results,” states, Adrian Twibill, CEO and Founder of Emtjets.

By using the Emtjets Search Engine you are ultimately expanding your marketplace for more competitive quotes and increasing your Aircraft options. If you would like to compare Quotes on over 4,000 Aircraft Worldwide, or you would just like some friendly advice on our range of services, please go to: Free Quote!

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Emtjets consists of four main areas:

Emtjets Instant Quotation System immediately sends your requests directly to the Aircraft Company within seconds.

Empty Legs:

Emtjets displays 100’s of Empty Legs every day, providing 1000’s of Customers Worldwide with a gateway, halving their price for Private Jet Travel. Read More

Charter Quote:

Emtjets Instant Quote Search Engine has over 1600+ Aircraft Companies and 4,000+ Aircraft registered around the world, offering an additional Marketplace for Brokers and Individuals to access the most competitive prices throughout the industry. Read More

Air Cargo:

Emtjets is a global leader in the International Air Cargo market. We have the resources and the technology to offer the best online quotes throughout the Air Cargo industry. Read More

Aircraft Sales:

If you are looking for the most comprehensive Aircraft sales directory available for buying and selling aircraft, then Emtjets is the place. Read More

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Emtjets Partnership With CharterX:

We are pleased to announce our recent Partnership with CharterX, combining both companies experience and data. Emtjets (EJ) Founder and CEO Adrian Twibill, partnered with CharterX (CX) President and CEO Jim Betlyon, to provide an ever expanding successful marketplace for Customers to gain direct access to Aircraft Companies Worldwide.

As per detailed in the: ‘Charter Xchange Daily – Friday, August 29, 2008.’

CharterX has partnered with London based Emtjets to expand the air charter market on the European continent.

Emtjets provides a unique online marketplace, with immediate quoting, for the affluent consumers of charter to locate and purchase cost effective charter lift. CharterX provides content to the Emtjets system. Emtjets will work with European operators to ensure that their schedules and pricing are accurate on the CharterX system; as well as provide a venue for these operators to further expand their business through greater CharterX participation. Emtjets services include air cargo, and aircraft sales. Emtjets are sponsors of Treeflights, making a small but effective difference by offsetting against CO2 emissions expelled by aircraft each year. Read More

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The way in which we wish to portray ourselves is, “Unprecedented, Competitive and Exclusive.”

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