We are pleased to announce the recent Partnership between Emtjets and CharterX, combining both companies experience and data.
Emtjets (EJ) Founder and CEO Adrian Twibill, partnered with CharterX (CX) President and CEO Jim Betlyon, to provide a successful marketplace for charter professionals and Individuals Worldwide.
Emtjets CEO Mr. Twibill expressed his views by saying, “Emtjets’ reputation is based on providing a high level of service and we pride ourselves on this.” He continues; “We had been approached by companies in the past and I had been reluctant to go down the route of a partnership, it was essential that we found the right, reputable company, that reflected our unprecedented level of service and reputation. Having seen CharterX’s undeniable eye for quality and service, I was confident that this partnership would prove to be beneficial to us both.”

CharterXs’ proposal for partnership will provide an additional Marketplace to Operators around the World. Emtjets system will offer another gateway for Operators, to sell additional quotes to individuals, Worldwide.

“Emtjets provides real-time pricing and availability for Flights Worldwide. Due to our unique approach, we do not  require a fee from our Aircraft Operators; this is an  additional free service. Emtjets offers Aircraft Operators the  chance to gain direct access to suitable clients across the Globe.”

Emtjets is attracting interest from Operators and Customers  around the world. Operators are recognising, it is a more  cost effective way of creating an additional source of  income, for free and Emtjets customers are secure in the  knowledge, that the only best Aircraft and Prices throughout the industry, will be provided.

For the Customer, Emtjets eliminates the time-consuming task of contacting several companies for the cheapest quote. When with one touch of a button our Search Engine does the work for you and within seconds we provide you with the cheapest quotes from 1000’s of companies Worldwide!

Emtjets consists of four main areas:

Empty Legs: Emtjets have 100’s of Empty Legs every day, offering a more cost effective way of travelling by halving the price for your journey.
Charter Quote: Our Instant Quote Search Engine has over 1000+ Aircraft Charter Companies and 3,856 Aircraft registered around the world, providing you with the cheapest quotes throughout the industry every time!
Air Cargo: Emtjets is a global leader in the International Air Cargo market. We have the resources and the technology to offer you the best online quotes throughout the air cargo industry.
Aircraft Sales: Emtjets provides the most comprehensive Aircraft sales directory available, offering a marketplace for individuals and Operators to buy and sell Aircraft.

The way in which we wish to portray ourselves is “Unprecedented, Competitive and Exclusive.”


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